• Graduates of Stroganov Moscow State university of industrial and applied arts      
  • Members of Commonwealth of Artists and British Institute of Interior Design (BIID)
  • Nadya Ananiev[a] is the alumnus of "Detali" school of interior design of the year 2002.
  • Prizewinners of "Zolotoe Sechenie" award in architecture in the category of "Interior Design" in the year 2005.
  • Nadya and Givi Ananiev are the teachers in "Detali" school of interior design and British High School of Design.
  • Their design project are published in "Vogue», «AD», «Elle decor», «Interior + Design», «Mezonin», «InStyle».
  • Recent projects are published in No 10,12, 13 and 14 of «Andrew Martin Interior Design Review», London annual digest of the best projects on interior design.